Some Real Estate Agent Company in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam ?

Saturday - 16/09/2023 01:36

Below are some well-known real estate brokerage companies in Ho Chi Minh City for your reference. However, please consider finding a company that suits your specific needs:

CBRE Vietnam: CBRE is one of the major names in the real estate brokerage and asset management industry in Ho Chi Minh City.

456 Viet Nam: 456 Vietnam is a company specializing in brokering the sale and rental of high-end apartments in HCMC: District 2, Binh Thanh, District 4, District 7... apartments like Masteri Thao Dien apartment, Vinhomes Central Park apartment...

456 viet nam logo

Savills Vietnam: Savills is an international corporation present in Vietnam, providing professional real estate brokerage services.

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JLL Vietnam: JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) is an international corporation with a strong presence and extensive network in HCMC.

logo jll philippines brand product

Colliers International Vietnam: Colliers International is an international real estate brokerage and consulting company with a presence in HCMC.

colliers international viet namlogo

Knight Frank Vietnam: Knight Frank is an international real estate consulting corporation with an office in HCMC.

knight frank vietnam logo


Additionally, consider including the following information to make your content more appealing and useful:

Expertise Area: Mention the specific areas of expertise that each real estate brokerage company focuses on. For example, does any company specialize in commercial real estate, high-end apartments, or new urban development projects?

Notable Projects: List some prominent projects that each company has been involved in or brokered. These projects can play a significant role in determining their reputation.

Specific Services: Describe in detail the services that each brokerage company provides. This includes support for buying, selling, investment consulting, and real estate asset management.

Legal and Financial Advisory Capability: If the companies have the capability to provide legal and financial advice related to real estate matters, mention this. It can help clients ensure the legal and financial aspects of their transactions.

Network and Experience: Highlight the international network (if any) and industry experience of these companies.

Customer Feedback: If available, include reviews or feedback from previous customers to demonstrate the satisfaction and credibility of the company.

Market Predictions and Trends: Provide information about real estate market predictions and trends in Ho Chi Minh City and how these companies are adapting to these changes.

Contact Information: Lastly, ensure that you provide detailed contact information so readers can easily get in touch with each brokerage company.

This information will help readers gain a better understanding of each real estate brokerage company and assist them in choosing the most suitable services for their needs

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Selling real estate projects with transparent and transparent information. Say no to projects that lack legality

Service 456


Apartment, office, warehouse for rent. Prestige and long-term rental

Service 456


Appraisal of real estate documents, legal advice on buying and selling procedures. Valuation to support bank loans

Service 456
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