• Sale: 1,800 USD

    Rent: 260 USD

  • 1

  • 3

  • 25

  • 836

  • 50 - 75 - 105

  • Investor

    Khang Dien

Jamila Khang Dien Apartment

Long Thanh - Dau Giay , Phu Huu Ward , Thu Duc City , HCMC


Update Jamila Khang DIen apartment for rent from 1,2,3 bedrooms duplex unfurnished to fully furnished tower A,B,C,D many options everydays contact to 456 Realtor

Location: Fronting the Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, District 9, adjacent to the upscale villa area of The Venica and Lake View City.

Coming to Jamila Khang Dien apartment complex is where you've ever dreamed of a better life and living space. Jamila apartments are where love will be spread, where happiness will be shared, and life will be warmer and more beautiful.

Preliminary price list for Jamila Khang Dien apartments, District 9:
Bedrooms Area Sale Rental
1+1  47 2000$ 450 -550

69 - 72 - 76 - 80 2000$ 500 - 600

88 - 92 - 99 2000$ 600 - 750

Selling or renting an apartment at Jamila Khang Dien at an affordable price, along with additional conditions such as the development orientation or policies in the eastern area of Ho Chi Minh City, where an increasing number of real estate projects by major investors such as Khang Dien, Vingroup, or Capitaland are concentrated...

Coming to the Jamila Khang Dien apartment complex with transparent legal framework is its strength and also the most important aspect in today's era. Due to the high demand, many customers are focusing on pioneering trends and preferences.

With a diverse range of amenities and a system of overflowing swimming pools in the park area, Jamila Khang Dien apartments will truly provide residents here with a vibrant, modern, and desirable living environment. Moreover, there is much more to experience and feel the most realistic perception.

5 Reasons Why Jamila Khang Dien is the Ideal Place for Perfect Living
Diverse and Abundant Design: Jamila Khang Dien is not just a residence but also a symbol of creativity in design. With a diverse range of apartment types from 1, 2 to 3 bedrooms, each apartment is meticulously crafted with bright and convenient spaces. Flexible and comfortable living spaces create optimal conditions for every resident's needs.

Customer Experience: "I was looking for an apartment suitable for my family, and Jamila Khang Dien completely exceeded my expectations. Diverse and quality designs create a cozy and comfortable living space for my family."

Reasonable Buying and Renting Prices: Jamila Khang Dien is not only a desirable place to live but also an ideal choice in terms of finances. With reasonable buying and renting prices, this is a great opportunity for both buyers and renters to have a classy and convenient home without worrying about finances.

Customer Experience: "Jamila Khang Dien not only provided me with a beautiful apartment but also a smart financial choice. The reasonable prices helped me have an ideal living space without worrying about costs."

Convenient Central Location: With its prime location in the center, Jamila Khang Dien is the ideal destination for everyone. Easily connected to social amenities, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and green parks, life here is not only convenient but also interesting and complete.

Customer Experience: "Living at Jamila Khang Dien is fantastic! The central location helps me save commuting time and easily access social amenities. Everything is within reach, making my life more convenient than ever."

Full and Modern Facilities: Jamila Khang Dien is not just a place to live but also a modern living community with full premium facilities. From swimming pools, gyms, children's play areas to cool green gardens, all the needs of residents are maximally met.

Customer Experience: "The facilities at Jamila Khang Dien are simply amazing! The large swimming pool and modern gym help me maintain good health, while the cool green garden is a great place to relax after a stressful day at work."

Friendly Community: Jamila Khang Dien is not only a place to live but also a friendly and peaceful community. The spirit of solidarity and sharing makes every resident feel like part of a large family, creating a peaceful and happy living environment.

Customer Experience: "I am very fortunate to be part of the community at Jamila Khang Dien. People here are very friendly and supportive, making me feel like I'm living in a real family."

Jamila Khang Dien is not just a place to stay but also a perfect home for every family. With beautiful design, reasonable prices, central location, full facilities, and a friendly community, this is truly a place worth living for everyone.

Green space
Area apartment
50 - 75 - 105
Khang Dien
Management fee
10,000 đ
  • Pool
  • Yoga
  • Elevator
  • Coffee
  • Restaurant
  • Tennis court
  • A Park
  • Saurna
  • Gym room
  • Guard
  • Supermarket
  • Schools
  • Market
  • Bank

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