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456 Real Estate Viet Nam Service Agent Offer Property , Project , House , Apartment , Villas in Viet Nam . Update information everyday.

456.com.vn - 456  is a company in Real Estate is a company operating in the field of business - consulting - management and marketing real estate. We are a leading provider of real estate services in Vietnam. At 456 Real Estate  where the focus of high-end real estate products: :

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All information of real estate projects are updated continuously information will advance all needs of real estate customers.
  • Villas
  • Apartment , Condo
  • Officte , Building
  • House , Town House
  • Land..

Service of 456 :

  • Distribution of real estate projects
  • Agent of buy - sell - lease property
  • Management of property
  • Advertising and marketing real estate
  • Investment consultancy, real estate business
  • Legal advice relating to real estate
  • Complete package procedures for real estate transactions
  • Design - interior design

Why almost custommer choosing 456 :

  • Website updates are the most frequently updated real estate information that is well in the market
  • Introduce video property
  • Assist in the sale, purchase, management of real estate
  • Professional staffs, experienced in the field of real estate
  • Safe customer information
  • Management support (key, tenants ....)
  • There are a large number of clients who wish to trade real estate in Vietnam and foreign specialists from European countries, Asia, etc.
  • ...

Logo 456 express clearly :

Logo is base on the main color gold and white. The colour will be displayed for the resource,money,luxury, high quality, professional, any high quality harmony be fit with the white color.Create trace charm that but created,to the background of the power and the base of the company.

The logo of Company are the following context of the 3rd versions of the high window building can be combined. This main is the icon for the union and the power of the development and the peer of the peer of the company of the most provide the multi product product in the customer in the future development process for all of any custommer at Vietnam. The number 4 5 6 is on the index found to be the multiple strong to the future, the future development,very strong.

Logo name include 3 number : 4 - 5 - 6. When the customer looking through the current point of the easy client must be able to take 456 Real Estate create a different point to be most active companies in the current product in Vietnam common with external.

With the company slogan: "Four seasons of fortune" also show that our company is always oriented to customers in order to best hope customers own real estate has 4 seasons year always have sewing luck, fortune, happy family ...

With a team of professional real estate  who have advanced knowledge of the market, experienced and always take credit as important criteria for customers.

Customers come to our 456 Real Estate with the criteria: "Four Seasons" is clearly shown in the logo and slogan of express best for customers wishing to own high profit real estate, lucky ... besides, customers will be satisfied with the dedicated and responsible professional manner of our company. We always believe that customer success is the most important factor for our success. Our clients are real estate owners, investors, customers who wish to trade or come to us with: Trust - Professional - Vision - Success

Vision and Mission

With the development and integration of the Vietnamese economy with the world economy, the demand for real estate investment has increased sharply in each year. Company 456 sets the goals to become a leader in consulting - real estate in Vietnam, The objectives include:

  • Always grow to provide service to customers
  • Strengthening the quality of human resources, intensive training, large teams
  • Make the difference compared to other units: support, management, information supply, consulting ... fastest and soon to customers.
  • ..........

The unit that emphasizes the customer is always the god. Real Estate 456 has a mission to develop into a modern, professional, committed and prestigious enterprise that is responsible for contributing to the stronger development of real estate in Vietnam and providing the most accurate information. fastest to customer

Do not hesitate to contact to us :
456  Company 
Hotline : 0938839977
Email : info@456.com.vn
Website : 456.com.vn
Adress : Masteri Thao Dien apartment, 159c Ha Noi Highway, Thao Dien Ward, District 2 , HCMC




Apartment, office, warehouse for rent. Prestige and long-term rental

Service 456


Appraisal of real estate documents, legal advice on buying and selling procedures. Valuation to support bank loans

Service 456


Selling real estate projects with transparent and transparent information. Say no to projects that lack legality

Service 456
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